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It mainly painted still life and landscapes in oil and watercolor.

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We introduce my painting history and awards.





絵を描く時は、いつも音楽を聞いています。ジャンルはいろいろですが、JAZZやPrisciilla Ahnンなどの静かなポップス、インストはゴンチチ、Yamagen。筆が止まらないものが中心です。

These are my viewing history and Awards
These are my viewing history


Here we introduce the painting photos and winners
Epic Epic-001 Epic-002 Epic-003 Epic-004 Epic-005 Epic-006 Epic-007 Epic-008 Epic-009 Epic-010 Epic-011 Epic-012 Epic-013 Epic-014 Epic-015 Epic-016 Epic-017 Epic-018 Epic-019 Epic-020 Epic-021 Epic-022 Epic-023 Epic-024 Epic-025 Epic-026 Epic-027 Epic-028 Epic-029 Epic-030 Epic-031 Epic-032 Epic-033 Epic-034 Epic-035 Epic-036 Epic-037 Epic-038 Epic-039 Epic-040 Epic-041 Epic-042 Epic-043 Epic-044 Epic-045 Epic-046 Epic-047 Epic-048 Figure Figure-001 Figure-002 Figure-001 Figure-004 Figure-005 Figure-006 Figure-007 Figure-008 Figure-009 Nature Nature-001 Nature-002 Nature-003 Nature-004 Nature-005 Nature-006 Nature-007 Nature-008 Nature-009 Nature-010 Nature-011 Nature-012 Nature-013 Nature-014 Nature-015 Nature-016 Nature-017 Nature-018 Nature-019 Nature-020 Nature-021 Nature-022 Nature-023 Nature-024 Nature-025 Nature-026 Nature-027 Nature-028 Nature-029 Nature-030 Nature-031 Nature-032 Nature-033 Nature-034 Nature-035 Nature-036 Nature-037 Nature-038 Nature-039 Nature-040 Nature-041 Nature-042 Nature-043 Nature-044 Nature-045 Nature-046 Nature-047 Nature-048 Nature-049 Nature-050 Nature-051 Nature-052 Nature-053 Nature-054 Nature-055 Nature-056 Nature-057 Nature-058 Nature-059 Nature-060 Nature-061 Nature-062 Nature-063 Nature-064 Nature-065 Nature-066 Nature-067 Nature-068 Nature-069 Nature-070 Nature-071 Nature-072 Nature-073 Nature-074 Nature-075 Nature-076 Nature-077 Nature-078 Nature-079 Nature-080 Nature-081 Nature-082 Nature-083 Nature-084 Nature-085 Nature-086 Nature-001 Nature-088 Nature-088 Still_Life Still_Life-001 Still_Life-002 Still_Life-003 Still_Life-004 Still_Life-005 Still_Life-006 Still_Life-007 Still_Life-008 Still_Life-009 Still_Life-010 Still_Life-011 Still_Life-012 Still_Life-013 Still_Life-014 Still_Life-015 Still_Life-016 Still_Life-017 Still_Life-018 Still_Life-019 Still_Life-020 Still_Life-021 Still_Life-022 Still_Life-023 Still_Life-024 Still_Life-025 Still_Life-026 Still_Life-027 Still_Life-028 Still_Life-029 Still_Life-030 Still_Life-031 Still_Life-032 Still_Life-033 Still_Life-034 Still_Life-035 Still_Life-036 Still_Life-037 Still_Life-038 Still_Life-039 Still_Life-040 Still_Life-041 Still_Life-042 Still_Life-043 Still_Life-044 Still_Life-045 Still_Life-046 Still_Life-047 Still_Life-048 Still_Life-049 Still_Life-050


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